Jalan Satok Sunday Market (Pasar Sunday Jalan Satok)

Location: Sarawak

Location Info

Address: Jalan Satok, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

District » Kuching


Jalan Satok Sunday Market or Pasar Sunday Jalan Satok is one of the many famous attractions in Kuching, Sarawak, in East Malaysia. As the name says it all, the Sunday Market is located at the junction of Jalan Satok and Jalan Palm, not far from the downtown of Kuching, opposite to the Miramar Cinema.


Jalan Satok Sunday Market is one famous landmark in Kuching. It is a vibrant and colorful open air market. Traders bring about their goods to the market from all over the place on Saturday afternoon. The Sunday market starts their business as early as 5am in the morning. Exceptionally fresh fruits and vegetables are offered and available in the Sunday market. What interesting is that there are unique wild ferns and exotic vegetables selling in the market other than ordinary vegetables as most of these fascinating vegetables are almost impossible to find in West Malaysia itself.

Besides fresh groceries and raw food selling in the market, there are also handicrafts and handmade souvenirs to be seen around. Thus, it also is a nice place to purchase souvenirs and affordable art craft for your love ones back home. There are of course, foods and local delicacies selling in the market as well. Snake meat and sago worms are all up for grabs in the Sunday market. Apart from all these goods mentioned, pets such as rabbit and puppies, just to name a few as well as fresh flowers are to be seen around in the market.

Besides Sunday Market, you can go to the Main Bazaar which offers plenty of handicraft and souvenirs selections. If you want to have more shopping experience, you can go to the shopping malls in Kuching including The Spring, Sarawak Plaza and Crowne Plaza just to name a few. These shopping malls offer a wide range of goods and products in various brands outlets. A one day trip in Kuching will be incomplete as it has too much to offer. Thus, spending a night or two would be the best option to explore Kuching. Accommodation in Kuching is amazing as it has all kinds of hotels from budget lodge to 5 star hotels such as Pullman Kuching and Merdeka Palace Hotel. Apart from the hotels in city of Kuching, there are various camping sites where you are allowed to overnight al natural when you have a visit in any national parks.


You can either walk to the Jalan Satok Sunday Market or reach there by bus. Take note of buses with numbers 4a and 4b from the Matang Transport company bus station that is located at Jalan P.Ramlee. The bus ride will take up 5 minutes.