Mount Santubong - Feast your ears

The rainforest festival is held at the Sarawak Cultural Village every year. It is the perfect place to have the festival as it has the Mount Santubong rising in the background and the waves lapping the nearby beach. The environment is just amazing.

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Bako National Park - National Park in Bako

There are many national parks in Malaysia and the Bako National Park is one of them. If you would love to stay longer and take a longer time to immerse yourself in the beautiful place, there are rooms for rent in the park.

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Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching

In Santubong, Sarawak, you have the opportunity to watch the Irrawaddy dolphins. These dolphins are protected species but they often get caught in the fishermen's net. Much conservation efforts have been done to help save these magnificent creatures to stay alive.

Borneo Highland - Relax yourself at Borneo Highlands

The Borneo Highlands is the place to go to unwind. There are homes here for rent during your stay here. There is also a golf course which is claimed to be the most picturesque golf course in the region. The rainforest offers endless attractions and recreational activities to keep you occupied. Its spa is also rated as the best traditional treatment. With all these in the highlands, why should you choose somewhere else?

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