Kuching Waterfront

Location: Sarawak

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Address: Main Bazaar, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

District » Kuching


As the name stated, Kuching Waterfront is located in the state capital of Sarawak, Kuching, in East Malaysia. It is situated in Main Bazaar, along the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and along the Sarawak River is the south side of Kuching.


A visit to Kuching is incomplete if you have not visit the famous Kuching Waterfront. Kuching Waterfront is too known as the People Place as the locals. There are quite a number of attractions that acts as a magnet towards locals and tourists in every comer of the world. The waterfront is as long as 1km and this is undoubtedly the most happening place you can find in Kuching. Why is it so? Everything you need and you want are to be found along the waterfront includes hotels, restaurants, and shopping places for both souvenirs and clothes, not to mention entertainment. The first thing to be seen in your view along the waterfront is the famous cats' statue. Along the waterfront, there are quite a number of interesting facts that are related to Kuching around. There are a few attractions around including a monument to honor the late Charles Brooke and the oldest Chinese temple in Kuching, Tua Pek Kong Temple. Tua Pek Kong is one of the many famous attractions where tourists stop by to make offerings in respect to different culture and beliefs of the Chinese people.

As mentioned earlier, there are hotels along the waterfront and these hotels are constantly packed with tourists due to its nice location. One of the best accommodations is the Harbour View Hotel. This hotel is located ideally where it overlooks the breathtaking view of Kuching Waterfront. There is another hotel nearby which is the Kuching Waterfront Lodge. This lodge offers great services with hospitality. It is a famous hotel among the backpackers. You can shop for souvenirs along Kuching Waterfront. If you are looking for shopping malls, there are three main ones in the city centre of Kuching. They are Parkson Grand, Tun Jugah and Sarawak Plaza. All shopping malls feature various brand outlets from discounted and affordable items to luxurious branding.


You can reach Kuching Waterfront by hailing a taxi. You can also take public buses to reach the waterfront. There are a few companies which provides such services including Matang Transport Company (MTC) and Petra Jaya Transport, just to name a few. If you are spending the nights in nearby hotel, you can reach the waterfront by foot.