Lambir Hill National Park

Location: Sarawak

Location Info

Address: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

District » Kuching


Lambir Hills National Park sits near to Miri, just outside the border of Miri. It is located along the Miri - Bintulu road, around 30km south of the Miri town. The park headquarters is located close to the Miri - Niah road.


Lambir Hills National Park is gazetted and is opened to public in the year 1975. Just like most of the national parks around in Sarawak, it too, possesses interesting flora and fauna waiting for you to explore. There are up to 1170 species of trees in the park along with 286 genera and 81 tree families. Apart from the different species of trees, there are other plant species such as ferns, mushrooms, moss, lichen and more. A number of wild animals are to be seen in the park including monkeys, bats, sun bear and pangolins. These animals are mostly to be seen around when you are walking deep into the park. Besides sightseeing the fascinating flora and fauna, there are multiple treks and trails for you to choose from. From a 15 minutes trail to an all day long trek, you can select which best suits you.

There are quite a few attractions in the park. You can have a view above 70 feets by climbing up to a tree tower, explore the antique oil well, have a cold swim in Pantu Waterfalls and of course, you can too, climb to the summit of Lambir with the height of 1525 feets. Lambir Hills National Park is definitely the best place for you to have a closer look and appreciate the power of nature. At the same time, you can have more knowledge on the species of flora and fauna there as they actually labeled some of them with their names.

Accommodations there are affordable and nice. They offer chalet units and also camping sites. Their lodges are all equipped with electricity and hot water. Remember to make reservations for the camping site if that is your option. Apart from these accommodations, there is a newly built resort with the name of Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort where you can spend your nights there. Do remember to make your own shopping for groceries and easy cooked food if you plan to overnight in the park as it will be much easier.


From Miri town, drive for about 30 minutes to reach Lambir Hills National Park via the Miri - Bintulu road. You can also take public transport to reach the park. Go to Wisma Pelita Tunku (in Miri) and take any commercial bus to your destination.