Location: Sarawak

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Address: Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

District » Miri


The birthplace of Malaysia's petroleum industry - Miri is too, the second largest city in Sarawak, in East Malaysia. Miri is located at the northern side of Sarawak. Miri is situated in the middle of Borneo and it is located very close to the border of Brunei Darussalam.


There are many attractions offered by Miri, Sarawak. As mentioned that Miri is the birthplace of Malaysia's petroleum industry, and so, one of the tourist attractions is related to the field and its name is The Grand Old Lady. The Grand Old Lady is Miri's first well. The landmark has a height of 30meters and is located up on Canada Hill. Most tourists visit Canada Hill with the purpose of checking out the first oil well drilled back in those years whereas locals are there in the morning to jog and walk. Aside from the historical landmark, Miri is popular for its remarkable diving spots. There are a few dive sites that is a must to go if you are a dive enthusiasts and most of these places can be reached with just a short boat ride from the city of Miri. They are Santak Point, Sea Fan Garden, Sunday Reef, Grouper Patch and many more.

Beautiful corals and reefs along with various types of fishes including butterfly fish, stingrays, parrot fish and angle fish, just to name a few. If you are not that into water and prefer dry natural place, Loagan Bunut National Park fits these requirements the best. The largest natural lake is situated there too. There are quite a few activities offered such as boat riding and bird watching. You can either go visit this exciting place as a one day trip or even spend few nights there. The next famous attraction in Miri is Crocodile Farm. This is the best place to bring along your family for an educational and exciting tour. The farm situated not far from the city and you can reach it with justa 20 minutes drive. More than one thousand of crocodiles are to be seen in the farm along with a snake house, small zoo and fishponds.

Accommodation is Miri is well prepared with a wide range of selection. There are some hotels that most tourists will spend a night or two there as they located in the centre of Miri. They are Mega Hotel and Imperial Hotel, just to name a few. There is also an inn named East Wood Valley where golf course is available for all golfers. There are a few shopping malls in Miri. They are Boulevard Shopping Mall and Bintang Mall. There are of course more malls and shopping places around but these two malls are constantly packed with crowd.


The best way to reach Miri is by flight. To get around in Miri, you can either hail a cab or rent a car. Public buses are available almost everywhere and so transport in Miri would not be much of a problem.