Similajau National Park (Taman Negara Simalajau)

Location: Sarawak

Location Info

Address: Pulau Wan Man, 21000 Kuala Terengganu Terengganu, Malaysia
Office Number: + 609 627 8888

District » Sibu


The Similajau National Park is one of the many famous National Parks in Malaysia. It is situated in the Bintulu division. It is located about 30km away from the town of Bintulu and is popular for its white sandy beaches with rich and vibrant flora and fauna.


The national park was gazetted in the year of 1976 and is then opened to public two years after it is gazetted. The National Park acts as a home and natural habitat for the wildlife, flora and trees around. The main kinds of floras that are to be found in the park are Kerangas and Mixed Dipterocarp Forest. The famous Tongkat Ali which aids in men's fertility is to be seen here too. The park possesses as much as 185 species of birds and hornbills are definitely one of them. As Sarawak is famous for crocodiles, it is quite normal to observe the Saltwater Crocodiles by the beach. Dolphins, whales, dugongs and green turtles can too, be seen occasionally.

There are many places of interest in the National Park. They are Batu Mandi, View Point, Batu Anchau, Selunsur Rapid, Sebubong Pool, Turtle Beach and Golden Beach. All places can be reached by foot as it is located near to the Park Office. However, in order to reach Batu Mandi, one needs to go for a boat ride as it is located off shore. What interesting on both beaches is that you have the opportunity to check out the turtles laying eggs on the beach. However, it is important to not disturb the turtles. The season of laying eggs is from March until September and this activity is carried out annually. Of course, there are too, nature trails for adventurous people out there. There are many activities that can be done in the park including snorkeling, bird watching, jungle trekking, sea and river cruising, just to name a few. You can also barbecue and picnic in the park.

It is possible to locate yourself for a few nights in the National Park as they offer various types of accommodation according to your own preference. However, do remember to give the Park Office a phone call to check on the availability and recent rates. Chalet, hostels and camping sites are all up for grabs. Do take note that there is no camp tents prepared for visitors and so, you have to bring your own equipment if you fancy camping. Remember to go shopping for convenient food and drinks as it will be easier if you are to spending a few nights in the park. Still, there is a canteen selling simple food and meals.


You can take the taxi to reach Similajau National Park from either Bintulu town or Bintulu Airport. It will costs around RM40.00 per trip from the town whereas a charge of RM65.00 is the fee from Bintulu Airport. There are public buses services available too, by Syarikat Bus Bintulu Sdn. Bhd (SBBS). However, you have to disembark form the bus before you reach the Park and you can either walk or hail a taxi to take you for a further 9km. You can also travel by sea by a express boat from the Bintulu town.