Kapit Town

Location: Sarawak

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Address: Kapit, Sarawak, Malaysia
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District » Kapit


Kapit Town is the capital of the district of Kapit that is located in Sarawak, in East Malaysia. It is located near to the south side of the Rajang River bank.


Although Kapit is not a big town, it has a lot to offer. One of the places of attractions in Kapit town is Fort Sylvia. It is one historical monument that is named after the wife of the legend Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke, the second White Raja of Sarawak. The fort was built in the year of 1880 and housed the District Office and District Court House in 1960's but now, it acts as a museum under the operation of Tun Jugah Foundation. There are quite a number of exhibits displayed in the museum including cannons, documents and artifacts that are related to the past era. The next attraction in Kapit is its very own museum.

The museum is located in the Civic Centre building in Kapit town. There are multiple exhibits and artifacts displayed that relate to the history of different ethnic and cultures of the people in Kapit throughout the years. A short history in early years is shown too with the briefing in jobs and activities immigrants were involved years ago. To understand more about the Chinese beliefs and cultures, you can visit the famous Hock Leong Tieng Temple. It is popular as it is the one and only Chinese temple standing in the town. It is known as the Tua Pek Kong Temple by the locals and was built back in the year of 1898 by the early Chinese settlers. The main purpose of the construction of the temple is to act as the people's guardian and as a place where they can worship and make offerings.

The best shopping experience can be obtained by visitors is in a place named Pasar Teresang or Teresang Market. It is opened since dawn and is located in walking distance from the passenger express terminal. It is also known as wet market by the locals. There are lots of fruits, vegetables and other food selling in the market. There are fresh jungle produce too. These jungle produce are hard to find in West Malaysia. Local ingredients that are used by them in the everyday life can be found there too, they are 'tubu', 'riang' and 'rompo'. All these fantastic ingredients are used to enhance the flavor of local dishes. Besides raw and fresh food, there are handicraft and art craft selling around in the market with affordable and reasonable prices. Due to the fact that Kapit is considered a rural and relaxing town, the accommodations offered are not as luxurious as those in the cities and the options are not much. However, according to the locals, Meligai Hotel is the best hotel in Kapit. There are other decent inns nearby such as New Rajang Inn that can be considered as your accommodation.


To reach Kapit, take the express boat from Sibu. The boat ride takes up to an estimated duration of 2 hours. Express boats leave Sibu every half hourly. There are economy classes tickets and first class tickets with different prices and rates.