Bario Kelabit Highland

Location: Sarawak

Location Info

Address: Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak, Malaysia

District » Kelabit


The Kelabit Highland and Bario is one famous highland plateau that is located in Sarawak, in East Malaysia. It is located near to Kalimantan, Indonesia, acts as a border around Kalimantan. The highland is centered by jungle covered mountains around.


Bario is a small village located in the middle of the Kelabit Highlands in the north east side of Sarawak. It acts as the main settlement in the highlands. There are only around 800 souls living in Bario and they are mostly the Kelabit. The people there live in longhouses and speak their own native language. Many have learnt to speak Malay and English too. Kelabit Highlands and Bario is the best place to get away from the hustle city lifestyle. Most tourists visit the place to have a peace in mind and also because they fancy jungle trekking. Do note that there are no roads in that area and so, wearing the most comfortable sports shoes, preferably with rubber material is advised as there are slippery paths.

Besides jungle trekking and only walking, there are lots of activities offered including mountain biking, hiking, multi day tracks and sightseeing. There are various species of flora and fauna around with unique bird species. As this is a rural place, remember to bring more cash while visiting as there is no banks or any ATM supplied. Besides its amazing nature and scenic view in the highlands, one thing that it is popular of is the hospitality of the locals. They will greet you and try their best to help you out around the highlands and villages.

Accommodations are not a problem in Kelabit Highlands as there are plenty of home stays offered as one of their income besides agriculture work. They are Gem's Lodge, Bariew Backpaker Lodge and Tour, Bario Asal Longhouse and etc. One thing that you do not have to worry is the food in the highlands as it is usually included in the price of accommodation in certain lodges or longhouses. The food cooked by the locals are quite different from anywhere in Malaysia as the ingredients used are all freshly obtained from the jungle or local farm. Ingredients used including wild boar, deer, ferns and more. One of the famous foods is the pineapples as they are all fresh and sweet. If you have doubts on the food prepared, be sure to go shopping in Miri before boarding the flight to Bario.


The only way to reach Bario is by air or a seven day trek from Marudi. From Miri, take the flight to Bario. When you are in Bario Airport, you have to start walking to wherever you want, including you homestay.