Kubah National Park

Location: Sarawak

Location Info

Address: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

District » Kuching


Kubah National Park is one famous park that is located in the state capital of Sarawak, Kuching in East Malaysia. It is situated somewhere near Matang, approximately 20km away from Kuching.


Kubah National Park is gazette in the year of 1988 was opened to public few years later, in 1995. The National Park possesses three mountains including Mount Serapi, Mount Selang and Mount Sendok. The most famous feature the park offers is the palms. There are up to 100 different species of palms found in the park. Besides, the park has five main vegetation types and acts as a natural habitat which houses a wide range of wild life. Wildlife that is to be seen in the park is bearded pigs, hornbills, mouse deer, and other species of reptiles, amphibians and insects. There are a number of treks and trails offered by Kubah National Park. Those famous trails include the Waterfall Trail, Rayu Trail, Selang Trail and Palmetum Trail, just of name a few. Along the Palmetum trail, you have the opportunity to observe various kinds of palm trees around where walking along the Rayu Trail will lead you to the Matang Wildlife Centre. The Matang Wildlife Centre is located off the national park and it acts as a house or a habitat for all endangered wildlife. Be sure to keep the admission ticket of Kubah National Park and you can visit the Matang Wildlife Centre free.

Overnight in the national park is highly recommended as it is not quite possible to explore the whole park in just a day. Chalets are provided among the accommodations in the park and be sure to arrange it with the headquarters beforehand. You can also make reservations few days before you reach the park. There are also campsites available for all camp lovers in the wildlife centre. However, do note that there are no tents provided, only shower rooms and public toilets. Thus, remember to be well equipped with all the necessary camping equipments if you chose to overnight in the campsite. To make yourself convenient, remember to go shopping for can food or dry food before you overnight in the park as there are no restaurants around in the park. However, basic cooking equipments are offered in the hostels such as fridge, utensils and etc.


To get to Kubah National Park, hail a taxi and the taxi ride will cost around RM35. The taxi ride takes up to 40 minutes time. You can also take public bus - Matang Transport Company Bus Numbered 11 that departs from Saujana Car Park in Kuching. The bus fare is around RM2.00.