Matang Wildlife Centre (Kampung Budaya Sarawak)

Location: Sarawak

Location Info

Address: Damai Beach, Sarawak, Malaysia
Office Number: +608 284 6411

District » Kuching


Matang Wildlife Center or Kampung Budaya Sarawak is situated in Damai Beach, Sarawak, in East Malaysia. It is located at the western corner of the Kubah National Park, the rainforest habitat for endangered wildlife. It is situated about 35km away from Kuching.


One of the main attractions of Kubah National Park is the Matang Wildlife Centre. The centre acts as a house for endangered wild animals including Orang Utans, Sambar Deer, Hornbills, Sun Bears and etc. Besides being a natural home to protect all these endangered species, the centre has training program for Orang Utan. In the program, young Orang Utans who were either orphaned or were rescued from captivity are taught ways to survive in the wild. All animals are protecting in spacious enclosures housing

One amazing program launched is called 'The Great Orang Utan Projects' where you can go and experience the centre with a different way. You can apply to be a volunteer rather than a normal visitor that stop by sightseeing the wildlife centre. There are many more attractions offered by the Matang Wildlife Centre. They are nature trails, multiple waterfalls, rock pools, swimming area, picnic spots and viewing points. You can either choose to visit the Matang Wildlife Centre as a one day trip or you can spend the night there. As its location is not far away from the city centre of Kuching, most tourists fancy one day trip.

There are various types of accommodation offered there. They are categorized into 3 categories: chalet, hostel and campsite. All depends on your own preference and capacity of your group. However, do note that there is no camp tent provided so if camping over the night is what you select, remember to bring along all the necessary equipments. Shopping for food before you camp out in the centre would be a better option as it will be easier. The best place to get fresh vegetables and fruits is in the Sunday Market along Jalan Satok. You can also go to bigger shopping malls or supermarket like Boulevard Mall and The Spice.


There is no bus service to Matang Wildlife Centre and so one of the ways to get to the centre is by taxi. A taxi ride cost around RM35 (one way) from Kuching's city centre. You can also rent a van or bus if you are with a big group.