Niah Cave

Location: Sarawak

Location Info

Address: Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

District » Miri


One of the main attractions in Miri - Niah Caves is located on Sungai Niah or Niah River. It is situated around 3km from the small town of Batu Niah and is situated an estimated distance of 110km from Miri city. Niah Caves is located further down to the road from Lambir Hills National Park.


The huge Niah Caves was gazette as a National Park in the year of 1975. The cave consists of one big cave with the name of (The Great Cave) and several smaller caves including the popular Painted Cave and The Large Chamber or Padang. The Great Cave is easy to access as there are plank walks built for tourists to walk on. While walking all the way into the Great Cave, different species of trees and plants with beautiful tropical rainforest are to be seen around you. Wildlife is to be seen around too such as lizards, butterflies and various kinds of birds flying just above you. If you are lucky, you may spot one or two hornbills.

After you went deep into the Great Cave, you can hear birds chirping and see the bird nests above the corner of the caves. After a back passage of the Great Cave, you lead yourself to The Painted Cave. In the Painted Cave, there are paintings carved all over on the wall of the caves and the ancient burial site of the 'death ship' is in the cave. The 'death ship' is the boat - like coffins that were used to contain the bodies of the dead back in those years. The 'death ship' has been transferred to Sarawak Museum and so what is left to see there is the burial ground of the coffins. If you were to visit the caves during August to December and January to March, you most probably have the chance to experience and watch how the locals collect the birds' nests with very high bamboo ladders. Niah Caves is definitely a perfect place for nature lovers and will work well as a one day trip.

Most visitors make their visit to the Niah Caves as a one day trip. However, if you want to explore more of the caves, there is accommodation offered in the National Park. Well equipped chalets and dorms are up for your selections to spend your nights. You do not even have to worry of your food as there is a cafeteria which offers local and western cuisines. If you want to get some junk food or can food, you can go for a walk in the shopping malls in Miri town. There are quite a number of shopping malls around such as Boulevard Shopping Mall, Imperial Mall and Bintang Mall.


As Niah Caves is located between Miri and Bintulu, you can take a taxi to the National Park in either city. From Miri, take the bus Suria from Miri Bus Station. The ride is about 2 hours tops. From Bintulu, take also the bus Suria from Bintulu Bus Station. However, the ride from Bintulu will be longer at around 3 hours tops.