Petroleum Museum Miri

Location: Sarawak

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Address: Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

District » Miri


Petroleum Museum Miri is undoubtedly located in Miri, the second largest state in Sarawak, in East Malaysia. It is situated at one of the famous attractions in Miri, Canada Hill, or better known as Bukit Tenaga by the locals.


Petroleum Museum Miri was opened to public officially in the year of 2005, 20th of May. The museum opens every day except Mondays and every public holiday. It is opened from 9.00am to 4.30pm and the admission fee is free of charge. In the museum, there are various exhibits displayed that shows us the history of the petroleum industry in Sarawak and of course in the whole Malaysia. All displays are related to the petroleum industry including its contributions to the country. What not to miss is the popular Grand Old Lady located just outside of the museum. The Grand Old Lady is the first oil rig discovered and erected in Miri. This is one of the historical monuments in Miri. This famous monument has produced barrels and barrels of oil for a long 62 years from 1910 to the year of 1972. Then, you will see a model named the Nodding Donkey which is used to erect the crude oil. Next you have the site of Time Capsule. There are many exhibits and modals in the museum include a scaled oil platform, tools used back in the days to extract crude oil and definitely, the products made. History and the processes involve the extracting of the crude oil to the process and end products are all written down. On the top of Canada Hill, out of the museum, you can enjoy the fresh air and scenic view of Miri.

Accommodations in Miri have not much difference than other cities. Popular hotels include Mega Hotel, Parkcity Everly Hotel, and Imperial Hotel, just to name a few. All hotels provide good services with affordable rates and prices. When it comes to shop for souvenirs, the best shopping place is Miri Handicraft centre. There are uncountable local made beads work, crafts and simple t shirts offered in the heritage centre. Moreover, the prices are negotiable especially when you purchase many craftworks. Besides places for souvenir, there are various malls in the town including Bintang Mall, Merdeka Mall, Boulevard Mall and etc. All malls are equipped with various brand outlets with food court and restaurants available.


You can reach Petroleum Museum Miri either by foot or by a taxi ride using the street named Jalan Setia Raja. After SJK North, drive along the road and you will spot it on the right hand side of Jalan Miri - Pujut.